Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam / Thirukarthigai / Karthigai Vilakku is one of the auspicious festivals of south India that is significantly being celebrated for the worshipping of the most ancient devotee of India – Lord Shiva. This festival is also denoted as the Festival of Lights or Festival of Lamps, because, the devotees consider the illumination of the lamps as the third eye of Lord Shiva that vanquished all the enemies in front of it in a single sight. The people believe that as the third eye of Lord Shiva, the light in the lamps kills the viruses and bacterias that cause illness to the people at the beginning of the winter months.

That’s all that I know about this festival. I mostly celebrate it for the Kozhukattai, a ball of rice flour and jaggery seasoned with some spices like cardamom and dried ginger that folded in Indian bay leaf (thirali) and then braised until done. we can also use banana leaf instead of bay leaf. That’s a delicious snack..

And I love to do kolam too.

Children’s Day

Happy Children’s Day. 😊

Chasing the questions in the textbook is not the only form of education. I wish all the children around the globe 🌎 might have perceived the real education that teaches about life, nature, emotions and respect for all the living beings especially for all the human beings irrespective of materialistic and socialistic qualities which were provoked by monetary value…

It’s the 132nd anniversary of India’s first Prime Minister Dr JAWAHARLAL NEHRU, whose birthday was later celebrated as Children’s Day in India. Since Independence, a lot has been changing but not more on the lives of the downtrodden. Politicians are busy drafting poverty alluviation programs at any cost. However, their programs haven’t reached even the half bottom of society. 😔 Still, A lot and a lot has to be changed for the sake of humanity.

A bright future for every single child on the earth will remain a daydream.

Every single child must be blessed with peace and prosperous life and I’m hoping for the best for all of them. 💓

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